Greg D’Angelo, (born December 18, 1963) is an American drummer most famous for his work in the band White Lion. CareerEarly career (1981–1984)Between 1981 and 1983, D’Angelo was a member of Anthrax.[1] After leaving Anthrax, D’Angelo joined Cities. In 1985 he appeared on the Jack Starr Rock the American Way LP. White Lion (1985–1991)D’Angelo joined White Lion in 1985, replacing Nicky Capozzi.[1] The band gained worldwide success with the release of the albums Pride, Big Game and Mane Attraction. In the spring of 1991, after a British tour, the rhythm section of D’Angelo and former White Lion bassist James Lomenzo left due to business discrepancies. Post-White Lion career (1992–present)In 1993, both D’Angelo and LoMenzo performed with Zakk Wylde as Lynyrd Skynhead, who upon D’Angelo’s departure from the band would become Pride & Glory.[2] In 1996 D’Angelo joined Orange County band Pirates of Venus and stayed with the band through 1998. He is also a former drummer for the band AntiProduct. In 2010 he Joined Stephen Pearcy’s solo band, he recorded the “Smash” album with Pearcy and toured with a Pearcy band until 2018. He also currently works out of his mix studio in Los Angeles and is a counselor at Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp. Greg is currently a principal with performance group Legends of Classic Rock