Emmett James was educated in Cambridge, England, and studied at the Strasberg Actors Studio, in London under the tutorial of Marianna Hill. He has appeared as the lead in numerous London stage productions most notably, ‘Curse of the Starving Class’ and E.M. Forster’s ‘Maurice’. Upon arriving in Los Angeles he began performing at ‘A Company of Angels’, L.A’s oldest and most respected theater company. He was subsequently cast in a lead role in the multiple award winning premiere of ‘A Clockwork Orange’. His performance in the sold out shows run, lead to reviews in publications such as Variety “a first rate soaring performance”, Entertainment Today described him as “absolute perfection” and the Los Angeles Times commented, “Emmett manages to pull off an understated transformation at the end of the play”. He followed up this stage role with the classics “Paradise Revisited”, “A Christmas Carol” and “Romeo and Juliet” all performed on the Los Angeles stage. In the lead role in the US premiere of “Keeping Tom Nice”, the story of a severely disabled boy, produced at the Raven playhouse (the same production that was performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company in England,) the critics opinion was unanimous on his performance in the show. Backstage West commented, “James turns in an astonishing performance in the role of the profoundly damaged Tom, we never get the sense that he’s acting up there.” The Tolucan wrote, “James gives a disturbingly realistic performance as the crippled, drooling, hurting Tom, so much so that it’s jarring to see him stand so straight limbed and clean faced at the curtain call. He lives and works in Hollywood to this day.