Director John Singleton “discovered” American Actor DeJuan Guy in Los Angeles, CA, at Marla Gibb’s Crossroads Theater Academy. Singleton was so impressed with DeJuan’s performance in a scene from “A Raisin in the Sun” that he asked the young actor to audition for “Boyz N the Hood” which was in pre-production at the time. After taping a scene with Laurence Fishburne, DeJuan became Singleton’s first choice for the lead role of “little Tre”. But, much to John Singleton’s dismay; the studio felt that the 8 year old was too young for the role. DeJuan was ultimately cast in a lesser role, which was subsequently “Cut” out of the film. However, DeJuan would be cast by Singleton again much later. This sequence of events launched a very busy acting career for DeJuan with lead roles in major motion pictures, television programs and commercials. DeJuan’s first major role in a feature film was his portrayal of “Jake” in Clive Barkers’ Horror Classic, “Candyman” in which DeJuan played opposite Virginia Madsen. The actors other films include “Little Giants”, “The Cherokee Kid” with “Sinbad” and the late “Gregory Hines”, ” One Man’s Justice” with, former football great, Brian Bosworth and DeJuan Guy reunited with John Singleton in the memorable role of “Looney Toon” in Singleton’s coming of age film, “Baby Boy”. DeJuan says he had the most fun playing the starring role of “Jelani” in the short film “Sweet Potato Ride”; written and directed by Camille Tucker and Kim Greene with Bill Duke as Executive producer. DeJuan Guy worked on numerous TV shows beginning with several episodes of “In Living Color”, co-staring in scenes with Jim Carey, Jamie Fox and David Alan Grier. DeJuan landed a ‘Series Regular’ role on the short lived sitcom “Rewind” co-starring Scott Baio and Mystro Clark. The actor has also been cast in several ‘Pilots’ including the late Aaron Spelling’s “Finally Home” co-starring Melissa Gilbert. DeJuan’s many TV guest appearances include, “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, “Beverly Hills 90210”, “Murder One”, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and “Chicago Hope”. He appeared in multiple episodes of “Boy Meets World”, “Baywatch” and “Sister, Sister” with a recurring role on “Boston Public” playing Tamyra Gray’s (American Idol) love interest. While DeJuan Guy was born in Dayton, OH, he relocated to Los Angeles where he attended The West Angeles Christian Academy and was graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. DeJuan is also a SAE Institute (Audio Engineering) Alumnus. DeJuan’s greatest joy has been singing in the Choir at First A.M.E. Church where he was an active leader in the youth department. DeJuan’s church participation led to his meeting and having a dialogue with Nelson Mandela, which he considers a highlight of his life. DeJuan continues to live by his Church’s motto “First to Serve” by participating in community service activities with his “Masonic” Brothers.

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