Swisyzinna, an award-winning SAG-AFTRA actress has been performing professionally
over 30 years on stage and screen. Swisyzinna is a self-proclaimed “Scream-Queen”
due to her many appearances in the horror film genre. She is internationally known for
her role as Lynette in the horror franchise of “The Ouija Experiment.” Which also
includes, “Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death” and “Ouija Warehouse.”
Swisyzinna is starring in a new horror film currently in post-production entitled “Incubus:
New Beginnings” and will be making an appearance in an upcoming horror entitled
“Death PH.D” slated to be released for Halloween 2023. Swisyzinna can also be seen
in the pre-Emmy nominated show entitled Stepford Sidechix.
Swisyzinna began training while attending the prestigious Booker T. Washington High
School for the Performing and Visual Arts. She continued her training at NSU under the
incomparable Dr. Clarence Murray. Swisyzinna is a recent graduate from MSMU where
she obtained her MFA in Directing and Acting.
Swisyzinna has a devoted fan base that call themselves “The SwisArmy.” She enjoys
all performance that allows her to cultivate her talent while living in her purpose.

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