The multi-talented and beautiful, Barbara Magnolfi, best known to US and international audiences for her performance of Olga, Jessica Harper’s venomous roommate in the classic horror masterpiece -SUSPIRIA by Dario Argento.

Barbara Magnolfi is a staple in Italian Cinema, named a “natural talent” by Antonio Pietrangeli.

This recognized actress has appeared in several cult movies in Italy and worked with the likes of Sergio Martino, Ruggero Deodato, Aldo Lado and more recently with Luigi Cozzi in Blood On Méliès Moon.

She worked on several memorable Giallo / Thriller /Adventure films such as Suspicious Death of a Minor, Blazing Flowers, Cut & Run, Suspicious Death of a Minor, and starred as the troubled Ursula in psychological thriller The Sister of Ursula.

Barbara now resides in Los Angeles where she continues to work in front and behind the camera as a producer . Appeared in My Hounted House Tv series , the film Seeds by Skip Shea (2020) and Ama Lea Segment of Deathcember Five Deaths in Blood Red (2021) which she also executive produced.

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