Andre Gower will be at Preserve Halloween Festival November 18-19!

Andre Gower is an actor, producer and director whose film & TV career spans over four decades. His role as “Sean” in The Monster Squad has secured his status in the horror genre with the resurgence and popularity of the now cult-classic film.

He recently Produced and Directed the award-winning documentary “Wolfman’s Got Nards” which dives into the lasting power of film and the dynamic of fan loyalty.

He recently created and co-hosted (w/ Ryan Lambert) the digital series “Short Ends” for Nerdist/Legendary Studios as well as numerous other TV and film projects in development.

You can find Andre either on the golf course, story-breaking new concepts or celebrating The Monster Squad at various screenings, conventions and special appearances.

We are so excited to welcome Andre to the event. He will be appearing both days.

Tickets are on sale now and the price will be increasing soon!

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